Things You Can Try For Your Hammertoes

Combining toes with hammers can often lead to major misfortune. As you can see, hammertoes is not a good condition for your feet' digits. 

 Hammertoes are a condition where the joints of one or several toes become permanently or semi-permanently bent. If you are suffering from contracted toe in Reisterstown, visit your podiatrist.

hammertoes reisterstown

Some people won't feel any discomfort until they have more serious conditions. The first sign of something is wrong is a visible bending of your toe at the middle joint. 

As the situation becomes more severe, the joints may feel stiffer and more painful. Inflamed joints can become red, swollen, and warm to the touch.

The podiatrist will examine your foot visually and test for pain and flexibility. To get a better understanding of your foot, your podiatrist may recommend X-rays.

There are many treatment options available, depending on the progress of your hammertoes.

  •  A podiatrist might also suggest taping your toes. 

  • Exercise your toe and calves to increase strength and stability in your foot.

  • To reduce pressure on your top toes, you can try pads: corn pads and hammertoe pads are available.

  • You can apply ice to the affected area or take anti-inflammatory medication

  • You should also get rid of the high heels and tight-toe shoes.

Depending on the treatment you choose, recovery times will vary. If all goes well, your toes will once again look like toes.