Newborn Baby Care: Tips For Every New Mum

Your newborn is the beginning of a new chapter in your life after nine months of pregnancy. You are not only extremely happy, but you also have a lot of baby-care responsibilities.

Giving birth is a beautiful experience as well as the beginning of a new era in a mother's life. Motherhood certainly has its rewards but often first-time mothers need a bit of advice regarding the proper newborn baby care.

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Ensure Self-hygiene:

Since newborns are highly vulnerable to infections and allergies due to their weak immune systems, make sure to use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands with gentle soap before you pick up your baby. Also, ask others who handle your baby to have clean hands. 

Hold Your Baby Right:

You must never forget that your baby's body is very delicate and therefore needs to be handled with utmost care. There are only a few safe and comfortable ways to carry an infant. Whatever approach you use, always support your baby's head and neck to avoid any kind of breaking or injury.

Feed on Demand:

There are only two things that a newborn needs during the first few months of life – enough milk and proper sleep. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed your baby, make sure to offer her a feed on demand.