Why Do We Need Legal Advice To Create Enduring Power Of Attorney In NZ?

You (the owner), can create enduring powers of attorney to name another person (the attorney(s),) and grant them the authority to act in your place and your name. Trust is important in choosing your attorney(s). They will be able to handle all aspects of your financial, personal, and legal affairs, as well as issues relating to your health and future care.

However, it is possible to limit what they can and cannot do. You can continue to manage your own legal affairs as long as you like or as long as the appointed attorney is available. It is beneficial to hire an attorney to execute enduring powers of attorney in NZ

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If you are unable to manage your own affairs or have an enduring power of attorney in place, your family would need to apply to the court of protection for the appointment of a receiver. The nature of the enduring power of attorney is that it "endures beyond the onset of mental incapacitation." 

In such cases, however, the enduring power of attorney will need to be registered with the court of protection to validate both the attorney's appointment as well as the power. The hired attorneys will help to create your documents. It is the best way to make your enduring power of attorney.