Why Are Videos Much Better Than SMS?

Videos are a really useful and effective social communication method that attracts customers better compared to SMS. Additionally, it also provides marketers with a flexible, eye-catching, and exceptionally shareable moderation to reach their target audience.You can also get video and messaging services from various online sources.

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Today, virtually all types of businesses use online video ads to present their products and solutions; that is why it has striking components that attract attention.

Videos are much more powerful than SMS. It is a cost-effective moderate that offers good value for money while increasing brand awareness and recognition. If moving images blend well with music and voice, it leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the viewer.

Why select video over SMS

Rich multimedia programs are almost always beneficial. His engaging and poignant images grab the viewer's attention by keeping him engaged and excited. Mobile video messaging platforms like moLotus are the best in this regard. Its high-impact 40-second personalized video content is interactive, effectively demonstrating services and products with audio, text, and images.

Whereas, SMS does not send personalized or rich multimedia messages that can help to display services and products efficiently. It does not associate well with clients due to its restricted call-to-action options and time limit. Also, it has a higher chance of spam.