Top Tips When Choosing Flying Effects

There is always something so appealing when commercials or movies feature flying effects, and whether by choice or not many of them remain in the spectators' memories and are recalled whenever something similar happens. 

Sci-fi and kung-fu movies are the most renowned when it comes to flying, but there are also a lot of commercials and theatrical performances which focus on flying. While relying on amateurs has obvious economical benefits, real experts are necessary when having to produce high-quality content, which will make people remember the scene because of it being cool, and not because of it being corny or a failed attempt at being cool.

These are some tips to help you overcome your dread of flying:

– The first tip is to choose a production company that has updated equipment and machinery. There are two logical reasons as to why: the first one being safety and the other being quality. Obviously, new equipment is less prone to damage than equipment that has been around for decades – better equipment will prevent the model from falling and getting hurt, adding up to wasted time and insurance paperwork. 

– Secondly, one must choose a product that has extensive experience, shown in the form of a successful portfolio or a long list of references. 

– The crew has to be versatile and trained in dealing with different kinds of products: adults of varying weight; animals of all sizes; custom items ranging from little clouds to huge chandeliers and trees; cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other kinds of vehicles; and even amateur parents with their child. 

As always though, make sure to follow your instincts, if you do not feel comfortable simply move on to the next. A good production will always make you feel safe and confident.