Group Fitness And Workout Challenge Ideas

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Fun fitness challenges and workouts with friends can greatly change your fitness routine and give you a reason to keep trying.

Group fitness encompasses any and all forms of fitness that are done in a group setting, led by a personal trainer or group instructor. With this form of exercise growing in popularity, you can now find group fitness classes of nearly any kind, both aerobic and strength-based.

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We've rounded up some fun group fitness challenge ideas to start your workout challenge with friends.

1. Friends for training

If you're a person who goes to the gym a lot, you've probably learned that it's a lot easier and more fun when you have a friend to go with you. 

Time flies faster, you put in a little more effort and you don't waste time looking around with that paranoia that everyone is watching you, waiting to see if you made a mistake with the equipment.

2. Competition motivates

Encouragement is a great motivator, but one of the most motivating factors in group training, and therefore social fitness, is competition. We love the thrill of beating friends or strangers during races. We want them to accompany us on our journey; we just don't want them to finish first. 

This may sound a little primitive, but it's just human nature. We push harder when there is someone next to us who is doing better than us. We need a healthy dose of competition to take us to new levels.