How to Prevent Back Pain for Frequent Travelers

Posted on July 8, 2021Categories Health and FitnessTags ,

Even those who don't suffer from chronic back pain, many people find that long flights can cause neck or back spasms. For frequent travelers, the situation is worse because they feel like the airport is their second home. 

You can find the best doctors online that can help you with your lower back pain problem. If you are living in Singapore, you can get the appropriate chiropractic care with Dr. Kevin Lau. There are still some solutions that can help you avoid pain on long flights if you're one of these people.

It is not as easy to board airlines these days. You may not be able to choose a seat if you fly economy class until you get to the airport. This should be avoided if you can. Before you fly, inquire about the type and seating arrangement of the plane. Frequent flyers complain about insufficient movement space and legroom.

Flying business class in Singapore can help you avoid back pain when traveling. It is the difference between sitting on a Rolls Royse or a Volkswagen Beetle. The seats are more spacious, cushier, and more comfortable. The legroom is larger and you have enough space to stretch tired muscles.

There are other options if business class travel is not possible. You can reduce the luggage you take on your trip by only bringing what is necessary. Check all of your luggage in. If you have back pain, avoid carrying heavy luggage around the airport. 

If you have back pain, carry a neck pillow and small back pillows and avoid the middle seat. Choose the aisle seats or windows seats if you can. This will allow you to move around freely and allows for more freedom.

A corset can be purchased at your local back shop if you have to fly or if your back hurts. Corsets brace your lower back and abdominal muscles and prevent you from slumping in your chair. This will help prevent back pain from occurring while on the flight.