ASVAB Practice Tests To Identify Your Areas Of Strength And Weakness

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Take advantage of Armed Services Professional Abilities Test (ASVAB) full-time test to gain confidence in your military exams. Our practice tests are designed in today's ASVAB style, so you can feel comfortable with their form, test style and level of difficulty.

Our comprehensive ASVAB multiple choice pre-test at andysasvabclass will help you gauge your understanding of basic testing concepts. You can use this practice test to test your knowledge of various parts of the exam, such as General Science, Arithmetic, Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension. We'll show you which answers you got right and which topics you've mastered. 

These practice tests also identify incorrect questions so you can return to specific lessons from the course and review the material further. This hands-on ASVAB practice test will help you understand what you know best, what you still need to learn, and how well prepared you are overall.

Are you ready to prepare for the ASVAB? Take our free 15-question ASVAB test. Each free practice test includes a diagnostic report of your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to study next. Once you have a high-level understanding of what to focus on, join and access specialized ASVAB training guides and additional practice tests!

Once you've received your free test results, we'll provide you with a personalized list of video tutorials that focus on the concepts you need to learn most. You'll learn from experienced instructors who have developed engaging video tutorials, and you can test your knowledge with tutorial tests.