Why Architectural Drafting Is still Common In Architectural Design Practices

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The 3D architecture model is preferred by architects and designers because they provide 3D perspectives of conceptual building plans. It makes project data management easier and allows for design changes while traveling. However, construction organizations need technical requirements of the architectural design prefers 2D technical images and architectural structure images as they give accurate specifications for construction. 

However, it is a suitable solution to meet the construction project requirements. Some of the reasons why architectural drawing-up is preferred by several construction companies include:

Suitable According To Construction Requirements:

In some building projects, architectural CAD images or 2D technical images are enough to complete construction, where additional information provided by 3D models is not needed. Construction image sets include all floor plans, heights, parts, and detailed images needed for construction. Technical code, symbols, and other additional information such as the type of material provided in technical drawings. 

Architectural Drafting Services: Lifelike 3D Views

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Availability Of Technical Resources:

Not all companies have the technical resources to provide 3D models. While the preparation of teams eligible to work in AutoCAD to give 2D technical images, they may not be eligible to work on Revit to provide a 3D model. In the construction industry, the availability of design teams that can provide 2D technical images is quite large compared to companies that provide 3D modeling services.

Suitable According To Cost And Budget Requirements:

In most cases, the construction company does not find the need to invest more in 3D models, when the preparation of solutions provides sufficient detailed technical images and is quite relevant for construction. There are also additional investments in sufficiently competent resources to understand and implement 3D architecture models in place.