Semi Detached Houses in Norway

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Semi-detached houses are a very popular choice for homebuyers and those who rent and are available in a wide range of styles. 

A semi-detached house is attached to another house on one side, sharing a wall. Usually, both portions are identical in design although there can be a few differences. These are cheaper than detached houses as two homes can be accommodated in place of one. You can find affordable architect detached houses via

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The shared wall between the two portions is called a "party wall" and any change to the wall is subject to a legal agreement between the two occupants of the property.

What are the benefits?

With the variety in building style, the area in which they are located, and the quality of construction, the following are the perceived advantages of semis:

1. The cost factor is the first benefit. There is the advantage of an independent residence at a much lower price than a detached home.

2. Compared to terraced homes where the owner must park on the street, semis are equipped with their own garages and gardens.

3. Semis offer privacy because of their location, in addition to less noise pollution from neighbors.

Building a semi-detached house is a great idea but when a home buyer considers buying an existing property, it is important to have the property surveyed. 

Semi-detached houses were originally built as a cheaper housing option, there are chances that the quality of construction may not be up to the mark.