Social Distancing Floor Decals And More

It is more than ever essential to use social distancing. Businesses have taken on the responsibility to ensure that their customers are secure. A lot of retail stores like restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and post offices have added customized social distancing floor stickers.

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If your company is a supermarket or retail establishment, restaurant, or another primary business, a floor sticker can draw attention to social distancing and make a positive impact on the safety and health of your customers. The floor decals for social distancing can create a private area in high-traffic or social zones to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and allow customers to move to your location safely.

Different kinds of floor Decals

Vinyl Floor Decals

They are a great option for floor decals with social distancing that are simple to remove and adhere! Floor decals can be used for interior use which can be adhered to many surfaces.

Prices and Options

You can select from the sizes below.

Circle Sizes 12"' 24, 36'' and 48"

Square Size 52"x 120"

The cost for the floor stickers differs in relation to the sizes and quantity. For instance, the 12 12 circular or square 4mil Flexible Vinyl Floor Decals can be purchased for $5.

Other uses for Decals

As well as reminders to customers about social distancing, they also provide additional benefits for your company.

This alternative strategy is more likely to draw the attention of a person than other methods of advertising.