Rattan Coffee Tables – Features and Options

Rattan coffee tables are unique pieces of furniture. They are created out of the finest rattan obtained from South East Asia. The rattan is very tough and durable, however it is also highly collectible. When you go to buy a rattan coffee table you will notice that there are many different designs and colors available. Each piece of rattan is cut in such a way as to look like a table. The pieces are then assembled by hand.

Rattan coffee tables are made from a variety of materials, among these common ones are wicker, plastic and metal. While wicker rattan coffee tables are usually the cheapest, the highest quality can be found at higher prices. Wicker pieces are usually covered with upholstery cloth and cushions.

Plastic coffee tables are the most expensive. Because they do not have any finish, they are more susceptible to scratches. The frames are often made from fiberglass and can be finished with a coating. You can also choose from a variety of colors – from dark to light wood finishes. They can be finished with a water based sealer or wax.

Metal tables are the least expensive. A finish is essential to protect the natural beauty of the wood. These tables range in prices from two hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. The most expensive ones are made from pure gold, while the less expensive ones are made from wrought iron.

The weight capacity is an important factor when you purchase a new coffee table. Most tables are designed to hold from one to five pounds. The weight capacity will determine the number of chairs that the table can accommodate. The larger the table the more chairs it will hold. Tables that are over twenty pounds will not be the best fit for families with many members.

The finish that the tables come in is also important. There are a variety of finishes to choose from including natural, chrome, powder coating, and tropical style. Natural finishes provide the most protection from stains and scratches. These types of tables cost the most because of the quality of the material and the amount of labor that go into its making.

Most coastal style coffee tables use a combination of natural rattan and wicker. Natural rattan is grown in South East Asia and is very durable and strong. Wicker is woven tightly by machines. Although wicker tends to be expensive, it adds a touch of elegance to any room. When it combines with a natural rattan table top, it makes for a stunning combination that will add class and distinction to any home.

These tables range in height from four to eighteen inches wide. Each piece of furniture is fully assembled and includes an eight foot cord that can be used to pull the unit together. It is not included in the purchase of this product but can be purchased separately if desired.

One thing to look for when purchasing this product is the finish. A table of this type should be made from a solid hardwood with no varnish or paint applied. The finish on this variety is usually oil rubbed in by hand using fine sandpaper. Each piece of wood used in the construction must be weather treated to prevent warping during storage. Each unit is then tested to ensure that it meets the maximum weight capacity.

This table offers two standard finishes that are available. There is an oil rubbed finish which is available in one piece or in half. The half pieces measure 16 inches wide and a half inch deep.

The second style is a fiber glass finish that is also available in one piece or half. This material is strong, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colors. The full size pieces offer a three dimensional appearance because of the added width. The thickness is two inches and the full weight capacity is two hundred and twenty pounds. These are ideal for patio dining and use by children.

This table is crafted from woven wicker, which is a durable material that is lightweight. It is covered in Terra cotta bark, which adds to its durability. It has a polished top, which can be stained in a variety of colors. The top has a three dimensional appearance due to the added width. This table weighs two hundred and forty pounds, which is just above the upper limit. It is ideal for use in dining rooms where seats can be arranged in a reclined position to accommodate larger numbers of people.