Let’s Use A Less Polluting Motor Oil And Save Gas Too!

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In our mechanized, modern society we can't operate without Lubricants. They are both essential to our daily lives, but also harmful to the environment. That is the issue. In essence, we have to choose products that are efficient and creative, and aid in solving our environmental problems. You can find the waste oil disposal services for your industry to reuse for oil.

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In 1972, the introduction the synthetic motor oil established new standards for the quality of motor oil. Synthetic lubricants are completely synthetic. They have been specifically developed to cut down on emissions and last longer, as well as protect engine components, cut down on energy consumption, and also reduce environmental pollution. Since the beginning, synthetic oils for motor vehicles have performed better than traditional petroleum motor oils in every aspect.


In accordance with the U.S. Department of Energy's Requirements for Pollution Prevention, The first step to the process of reviving a clean nation is to reduce the pollutant source.

Synthetic oil does this by increasing the time between changes to motor oil, which can cut down on the cause of pollution from motor oil by more than 11 times.

The oil dumped improperly gets absorbed into groundwater through landfills; it disrupts bacterial digestion at sewer treatment facilities and then washes up into harbors and lakes. At present, the use of motor oil is the most significant pollutant to oil in our waterways. It is obvious that the first thing we should do is to stop the production of too much-used oil in the first place as The United States Department of Energy appears to agree.