Know About Japanese Food In Fairbanks

Conboy dried leaves are usually covered with a thin white powder, the raid appears naturally drying. Conboy wipes with a damp cloth.

Before putting dried leaves Conboy in the Japanese soup or stew that is being served with the sushi, roll or fold them tied with a decorative knot. You can get food delivered from irashai sushi in Fairbanks.

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Water that soaked algae can be used to make soup or stock.

The most famous product of algae – is Nori: dried, thin as a sheet of paper, leaves, small orange-brown, similar to the film, seaweed Asakusa-nori, one of a family of red algae.

Leaf length of the alga reaches 25 cm, width – about 5 cm Asakusa-nori is washed in fresh water, and then dried in the sun, spread out on bamboo or wooden frames.

Nori is rich in vegetable protein, minerals, and vitamins. On sale is ministry nori size 8×3 cm, which is wrapped in rice for a traditional breakfast, and sometimes the leaves are sold fried or covered with a sauce of soy.

In the light smoky flavor of nori, but the main advantage – thin "oceanic" fragrance. Dark shiny nori was much tastier than cheaper reddish.

Use in cooking

Nori is generally used for cooking ruletnogo sushi, onigiri (rice balls), and mochi (rice cakes). In addition, crushed or shredded nori decorate mixed sushi or soba noodle dishes.

Before using the nori should be warmed up quickly on both sides over a weak fire, holding the sheet horizontally and moving to weed fry evenly.

Algae are very crunchy and crumbly in 2-3 seconds. Grilled not fried nori. Wrapping sushi, place a sheet shiny side to Macy's (mat for rolling sushi) to dim the party was in a roll.