How to Write Chords For Your Melody

There are people who can hear the melody and make chords on the spot. This magic is "learned" through the constant playing of instruments, songwriting, and playing songs in a group context. 

But don't give up, you don't have to have those "superpowers" to find chords that support your melody.  With the help of the best melody generator, you can write chords for your melody on your own. There are two ways: a long one and a not-so-long one. As you continue to practice this, the magic will become a part of you. 

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Trial and Error: 

For those who are just starting to write songs, you can use the first method, namely trial, and error. Try playing different chords on the melody. Keep doing this until you find a chord that really fits your melody. 

What will help you speed up this process is finding the chords of your song? This severely limits the number of chords you can choose. You may lose the melody if you try to find the key, so record your melody on a tape recorder or on your computer before you start. Once you've recorded it, play it as a loop, dragging through each scale until you find a key that fits your melody and feels right. 

Chord shapes from melodic notes 

The second way is to find the notes of your melody and build chords around those notes. To do this, you need to know the pitch of your instrument. I prefer to do this on a piano because the tone pattern of the piano is more regular than the guitar. It's also useful for recording the notes of your melody to see which note patterns match the chords.