Feeling Confident at Orthodontic Consultation

Get Ready

It's normal to feel anxious as you start to think about your appointment. What will happen? It doesn't matter if you were referred by your dentist, or if you decided to consult an Orthodontist yourself, it is important to prepare for the first dental consultation.

You should be able to understand all options so that you are fully prepared for your consultation. It's important to understand all options in orthodontic care. These are some things to remember to be fully prepared.

Your orthodontic consultation should include a comprehensive diagnosis - Airway & Sleep Group

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All Your Questions Answered

There will be many questions as you travel this path. Ask any questions you might have. The dental team will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

  • These are the most frequently asked questions:

  • Will this cause you pain?

  • What can you do to reduce the discomfort and pain?

  • Would you agree that I would need another appliance in addition to the braces?

  • What foods should I avoid once I have my braces removed?

  •  How often do you need to visit for checkups or appointments?

After your first consultation, there may be questions or you want to explore other options. You can always call your Orthodontist to ask any questions you may have. The entire team of orthodontic professionals is available to answer your questions and guide you through each step.

Have Faith in Your Decisions 

You should be confident in the alternatives you've chosen once you've received answers to all of your concerns and know that the entire team is dedicated to providing you with the finest possible care. 

From the moment you step into the office until your braces are removed, the goal of all orthodontic clinics is to make your experience as pleasant and painless as possible. You'll be delighted you opted to start this adventure when you see your lovely new smile!