Content Marketing and Invasive Advertising

The reason why animated advertising has been invented seems both distinct and obvious. Consumers are no longer clicking tons of banner ads the way they used to until recently.

The immunity and the ability to tune out direct advertising messages is the customer's way to say, "I have had enough and am done with so much daily advertising." The advertising avalanche does not show any signs of decline.

However, technology is on the customers' team by helping them filter messages through anti-spam software, pop-up blockers, caller ID, and Tivo. We tend to experience more than 2000 advertising interruptions daily, according to a study which is perhaps why traditional advertising is gradually becoming synonymous with diminishing ROI.

Branded content Marketing and the Changing Scenario

Content marketing is an Internet-based marketing approach in which the focus is primarily on aiding customers in their endeavor to find answers to their questions and identifying solutions to their problems.

12 examples of branded content consumers love Infographic IMPACT

This is accomplished by presenting information that is accurate, timely, authentic, and compelling. Content, in both its print as well as video manifestations, is expertly crafted and strategically placed on the Internet with a view to assisting customers through interactive engagement.

In most cases, either in-house content marketing teams or content marketing agencies customize information to meet the customers' expectations and architect a conducive environment for ongoing engagement.

If you adopt the content marketing approach to marketing your company's products and services, you are, in essence, engaging in conversations with your customer communities on multiple fronts and frequencies