Why Choose Sole Treadmills in Australia?

Sole Fitness is the company that markets sole treadmills. This fitness equipment company has been making treadmills for over twenty years. Sole's general philosophy is to create simple, yet functional treadmills and to manufacture them using high-quality components. 

The treadmills are then covered by long-term, comprehensive warranties that are backed up by exceptional customer service. Finally, they sell them at a reasonable price to consumers. Apart from being used in homes, Sole running machines in Australia are also available in commercial settings such as hotels and gyms. Hotel chains like Hilton, Monaco, and Omni use sole treadmills. 

Sole was the first to introduce "in-room" fitness. He placed high-end treadmills in each guest room. The treadmills that are used in commercial settings must be able withstand a lot of punishment and still work reliably. Otherwise, the hotel companies will not continue to use them.

Sole is so confident in their products' durability that they even offer a warranty for commercial environments like hotels. The warranty includes lifetime coverage on the motor and deck, and labor for 2 years (in-home service) for most models. Their treadmills come with a money-back guarantee.

The current Sole model range includes four folding treadmills as well as three non-folding ones. The four folding treadmills can be identified as F63, F80 and F83 respectively. F85 is the non-folding model. The general shape of all models is similar, with slight variations in motor size and running area as well as programs, depending on the model.