What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Omnichannel Contact Center is a piece of software that optimizes business communications while updating all available customer service and real-time communication channels.

Conversations started on Facebook Messenger can instantly switch to SMS text messages, phone calls, chats on websites or other channels and continue right where they left off, no matter how you communicated.

Interactions are automatically synced across multiple omnichannel platform, making it easy for agents to review the entire call history before assisting customers. It also means customers can choose their preferred way of communicating, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a more personalized experience.

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Preferred channels for an omnichannel cloud contact center include:

  • Web conference

  • Live chat messages on the site

  • VoIP phone

  • SMS text message

  • Messages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

  • Virtual Fax

  • Email

It means that regardless of the channel or agent the customer works with, all previous interactions and records are visible as customer data is synced between channels in real-time.

Suppose a customer has a question about a product and starts by contacting a product specialist in the live web chat tool on your website. The customer decides to schedule an online video conference to talk face-to-face with a specialist and see the product in action. 

If another product specialist answers the call, they have advanced access to the chat transcript on the website. In this way, they are well prepared for video calls – and the first specialist the customer contacts in the chat on the website can also follow the customer's path and point of contact.They accelerate purchase time and resolution speed while eliminating customer support headaches on both sides.