Using Facebook ChatBots to Spice Up Your Facebook Page

A Facebook chatbot is a program that actually simulates a real conversation with a human within Messenger by automatically answering the user's queries and giving appropriate instant answers. The chat with Facebook bots is rather fast, making them ideal for customer support. Often times, Facebook chat Bots is referred to as Facebook Messenger Bots, and there is definitely a reason behind this. To better understand what a bot is, consider the following definition of the term from the Oxford Dictionary, "A robot, artificial intelligence, or program, a device or instrument used or intended for operating or controlling an industrial, commercial, or service activity".

In a simple comparison, a chatbot can be considered a program that can simulate a real person in conversation. It may use sophisticated voice patterns or have an artificial intelligence system that allows it to engage in a simulated conversation. These types of programs and applications are being used by a wide variety of businesses, such as banks, real estate firms, law firms, insurance companies, and other social media marketing businesses. As such, the top and best chatbot examples for Facebook are those which are able to perform basic functions and also follow preset pre-programmed instructions for effective communication.

The two most popular chat bots are the Facebook messenger bot and the Facebook shopping bot. Both of these are able to perform basic functions and follow specific instructions. In addition to performing basic functions, both of these bots are able to communicate with users through their inbuilt messages, and both bots are also able to perform tasks, such as adding friends, sending messages, searching for items, and searching for content on the web. In order to take full advantage of these bot services, many businesses have developed applications that integrate with the Facebook messenger bot and the Facebook shopping bot. These apps allow business owners and consumers to utilize these bot services and in doing so, make for a more user friendly interface for Facebook users to use. Below is a brief description of each bot, and what it can do for a business.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is a basic chatbot application which has been integrated with the Facebook messenger system. This bot is able to connect to conversations on Facebook and converse with the Facebook user that is being logged into the system at the time. This feature allows users to be assisted directly by the bot, rather than having to wait for a back office employee to assist them. Businesses that use chat Bots for customer service may want to use this application in their client support center to aid clients in a more personal manner. Bots may be able to use voice commands for instance; by saying "chat up" or "help" and then having the bot return to its designated client service bot, which will then allow the client to speak to a live representative.

The Facebook Chatfuel Bot is a Facebook bot that will help you with your advertising campaign. This bot is able to log into Facebook messenger and log the clicker from a user's Facebook account. Once it has the clicker, it will connect to any one of your social media accounts for which it is linked, and in doing so, will send out messages on each of the linked accounts. The Facebook Chatfuel Bot will also track which of your Facebook fans are following any given link and will prompt you every time that they do. For example, if your fan page has a link to your e-store, once the Facebook Chatfuel Bot has logged in and started following your account, it will check your e-store's statistics and tell you which links are drawing the most attention.

Facebook chat bots can also help in the Facebook support team. If you have a Facebook fan page, you can use Facebook messenger bots to create comment and discussion threads for your fans to get involved with. You can even set up your bot to do specific tasks, such as posting a poll. With the Messenger Bot, you will be able to create discussion threads or polls for your fans to participate in.

For a complete list of all of these capabilities, as well as other capabilities, it would be best to check out the Facebook Chatbot page on Facebook. This page offers not only a list of the various bot applications, but it also provides a link for the source code so that you can check out the functionality yourself. Facebook customer service is also available for any questions you may have regarding these and other Facebook Messenger Bot applications.

Facebook chat Bots are designed to give you an advantage when interacting with your customers. If you use this application properly, you will be able to increase your conversion rates by leaps and bounds. Before you know it, your business will be able to grow and you will be receiving more than just incoming traffic. The Facebook Chat Bots will help you get those leads and convert them into actual sales.