Tips On How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot

Through my experience with female models I have been surprised by the large number of 'models to be' that lack the very basics to make a photo shoot successful. This has prompted me to write a short straight forward guideline that it is easy to follow.

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So do you want to arm yourself with some essential tips to feel confident and act like a professional model? Do you want to be popular with photographers in order to get more hired jobs? As a photographer, do you want to direct your models with a professional attitude? If yes, then read the following with care.

Natural Look Makeup

Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. About like you might wear in the evening while foundation must be applied much heavier than usual.

Mascara should be clean and contains no clumps.

Use natural eye shadow, such as, shades of brown, blue, green and silver. Not black!

Eyeliner can be green, blue, white or black. If using black it must be very thin.

Use matte lip stick and avoid lip gloss.


Any hair style will do but I would suggest avoiding horsetails (except for theme shoots).

Finger and Toe Nails

These should be well groomed.

Natural or basic colours work best, so that they fit well with what you will be wearing.

Stay away from striped clothing. Solid colours such as red, blue, orange, brown, green, purple or other colours produce better contrasting photos. Black clothing items ideally should not be your first preference.

Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing.

Vary the style. Plan outfits completely.

Shoes should match clothes you are wearing and must be clean.