Tile Drainage Systems Installation Process

Installing a tile drainage system can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and instructions, it’s easy to get the job done. Here are the steps you need to take to install a tile drainage system:

1. Clear the area around the drain location. Remove any debris or objects that may block the drain path.  You can learn more about tile drainage systems by visiting this site: wwmgt.ca/services/tile-drainage/.

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2. Mark the location of the drain with a pencil or chalk line. This will help you visualize where it goes once it’s installed.

3. Dig a hole large enough for the drain pipe and slope away from your foundation at an angle. Make sure the area around the drain is completely level before proceeding.

4. Install the drain pipe using an asphalt sealant or waterproofing compound. Cover the entire pipe with a layer of sealant before setting it in place. Use screws to attach it to your foundation or pour concrete.

5. Connect the plumbing lines to the drain pipe and turn on the water supply. Test for leaks before continuing; if there are any problems, fix them before finishing up your project. 

6. As the pipe’s concrete or stone finish is wearing away, replace it with a waterproofing compound. Cover the entire pipe with sealant and overlay the surface to protect it. 

7. After the drain pipe is set in place, add a collar that protects it from damage and holds the plumbing lines securely. Secure the PVC or PEX tubing to the front of your drain pipe, around the edge and into place. The collar should sit behind this and hold everything together.