Three Inspirational Books That You Should Read

Inspirational books are my favourite. I have many of them and enjoy reading through them. Sometimes I read a few pages or a single quote from a book. You can also visit  YIC Solution and buy the best inspirational books at affordable prices.

Three books are essential for any inspirational book collection. 

1) The War of Art.

Every person on the planet should read "The War of the Arts". Stephen Pressfield wrote it. It is about resistance and what it does to us to achieve the work that we were meant for. Resistance is portrayed almost as an evil force that tries to stop us from achieving our dreams and hopes. 

2) The Alchemist.

The story of Santiago, a young seeker who is on a quest for knowledge, "The Alchemist" tells the story. He must leave his home to travel to countries where his unpredictability about expectations and cultural customs challenges his identity. 

But he perseveres through the setbacks. He eventually meets the Alchemist who helps him find the courage and support he needs to pursue his dreams. Although they seem real, the landscapes and cultures that are described seem timeless. 

3. The Prophet

The Prophet is a story about a mysterious religious thinker about to head for his homeland. Many people only have one question for him before he leaves. He concisely shares his wisdom, but not in a denominational manner.