The primary order of importance for crime is offenses against persons in Denver

In Denver, person-abusing crimes always have priority over other crimes. Person-slaying offenses are given high priority. Homicide is the gravest crime against people. Also, you can find more info regarding the crime against persons here.

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These crimes are listed in order of their importance:


  • Crime
  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • Children's crimes
  • The serial offenders

Homicide refers to the death of a person. It is the intentional or unintentional killing of a different person. In Denver, voluntary murder is another type of homicide. It is the act of killing another person due to sudden and violent passion. There are two types of voluntary manslaughter. The first is killing which results from a crime not being considered a felony. The second is killing which is likely to cause death by a legal act. Homicides all revolve around the death of a human being.

There are two types of assault. The simple attack is the first. Simple assault is an intentional violent injury to another person. The second is aggrieved assault, which refers to simple assault using a deadly or dangerous weapon. If a teenager walks down the street with too much time and comes out behind a bush to zap you with a stun gun or spray you with pepper spray, he could be charged with aggravated assault.

Child molestation is when an immoral, indecent, or violent act is committed against, with or in the presence, of a child younger than 16 years with the intent of satisfying or arousing the desires of the child or adult. Child molestation is molestation that involves the sodomy of physically injuring a child.

Serial crimes can include crimes against property, murder, or any combination thereof.