How To Get More Wardrobe Space Using Hangers

Posted on February 23, 2022Categories Business And ManagementTags ,

Ever wished you had a bigger wardrobe but simply don't have the space? Most people at some point are faced with such a problem, whether for yourself or for your children getting older and wanting more space for their clothes. 

Luckily, you can now purchase some premier clothes hangers, which are real space savers in these situations. Featuring Nnn-slip black foam covering the chrome plated finish, with two really strong, super-grip adjustable clips. This modern and stylish hanger comes with an extra hook to use with more hangers and thus more space is saved.

There are many hangers to choose from. For children's bedrooms space saver hanger packs are perfect. Each pack contains 1 x space saver hanger bar & 6 x polypropylene hangers. The hangers are 33cms wide (13″) so allowing 6 garments to hang in the same space as 1!

The phangers allow you to see the colors of your clothes more easily. When using a double hang design, it is often difficult to see the exact color of certain trousers or pants as they are under the shadow. However, using trouser hangers will make sure that you get all your pants into the light and hence you no longer have to face the difficulty in distinguishing the color.