Rubber Plants – Facts You Need To Know

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Are you looking for a carefree houseplant that can grow tall and fill a decent space? Rubber plants will suit you. The plant thrives very well in almost any home environment and with proper care can provide years of indoor greenery. The most important aspects of rubber plants are their dark green and glossy greenery, which can remain beautiful and shiny if cleaned from time to time with a soapy sponge and then plain water.

It is known that the rubber plant likes high temperatures, but it can survive a fairly large area and cope with air-conditioned rooms. The ideal temperature for your rubber plant is around 28 degrees during the day and around 67 degrees at night. You can also discover more info about rubber plants via

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Since most people think of rubber plantations as "a type of forest" and are used to incessant rain, you may be tempted to bring the rubber plant to the surface. Please don't do this as over-watering the soil will sabotage your plants, making them susceptible to pests, disease and possible rot. Using a well-draining container and good soil can easily overcome this temptation.

They form very dense roots fairly quickly and you should be prepared to transfer them to a larger container. If your rubber plant grows very tall and is somehow very heavy, use the saplings for extra support or simply prune back in the spring.

Try using an organic fertilizer about once a month. Avoid chemical fertilizers. Spraying chemicals on your plants indoors can be detrimental to your health. Use only organic products to care for your rubber plants.