Car Polish to Keep That Sparkle – A Primer

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Every car owner enjoys the look of their new car. But this excitement was short-lived, because the paint was scratched and stained with oil and dust stains in a short time. Aging exterior paint is a natural process that gives the car a matt appearance.  

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Applying paint helps restore the luster of your car, because it also gives a bright appearance. To do this, car paint must contain some basic ingredients that work hard to remove dust.

It is important to understand the difference between car paint and car wax. Normal wax gives a waterproof coating and a shiny finish. Scratches are not removed because car wax usually does not contain abrasives.

The abrasive ingredients contained in the paint composition help to remove scratches. Car paints contain hydrocarbon solvents which help remove dust, dirt and oil stains, and the abrasive elements in the paint cause scratches.

The abrasive material removes a thin layer of paint that is only a few micrometers thick. Because only very thin layers are removed, the color looks new.

However, this new look still does not have a "shine" due to abrasion. The inclusion of waxy material in the paint produces a burning effect. Car paints are available in various versions. Varnish for polishing water with a water solution is one of its kinds.

Silicone-based solutions are the most popular option among car owners. The silicone base ensures that the car has a shiny appearance. Silicone fulfills three functions in car paint: it has a waterproof, lubricant effect and gives the car a good luster.