Best Ingredients For Acne-Prone Skin

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Cosmetics and beauty companies ditch scientific words as if you all need to know what they mean, and acne products are no different.

The problem is that not all active ingredients are suitable for every skin type or skin problem.

Here are some of the key ingredients found in most acne products so you can make an informed decision when looking for the right anti-acne facial cleanser. You can find the best anti-acne face wash via

anti acne face wash

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Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is an increasingly popular ingredient in many acne products. One of its main benefits is that it helps soothe the skin and reduce inflammation as well as get rid of acne by exfoliating the skin.

The chemical composition of salicylic acid is very similar to aspirin – which is why it has anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the main problems people have with acne products is that they dry out the skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, look for products that contain salicylic acid for the best results.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide has been used in various concentrations to get rid of acne for years. There is no doubt that it is effective and is used in many of the best anti-acne face washes, but anyone with sensitive skin should be careful not to use it.

If you plan to use a product with benzoyl peroxide, you should also invest in a quality moisturizer to combat the dryness and inflammation that often accompanies its use.