All You Need to Know About Whiteboard Animation

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Animated videos have become very popular among marketers and small business owners. Study after research shows that animation is a great way to attract viewers, capturing their attention and conveying messages. However, it seems that the animated video was a new thing a few years ago.

Now almost everyone uses animation to promote their business, and it is becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd of animated explainer videos, presentations, and demos. How do we get a message across while still benefiting from the popular video style?

The answer is simple: whiteboard video 

Whiteboard animation is a process where a story or a storyboard with pictures gets drawn on a whiteboard or something that looks like a whiteboard (hence the name). They are videos that draw themselves. Originally, animators would record themselves in the process of creating such animations. Viewers would follow all their steps and see the story unfold.

The actual effect used in the animation process is a time interval or stop motion. With the development of technology, the production process now does not require the actual image and it can be easily handled with whiteboard animated software. This video style has been used by marketers for a while. 

Explainer Video Production – Lure a Large Number of Consumers

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Video production has taken the web to its bids and all large or small companies want to position themselves in the global market. They actually want to present their ideas in front of customers and they sometimes don't know how to deal with things. So here are some tips for attracting customers:


The first thing is keeping customers in mind:

If the corporate video production made, then in that case it is just that the customer must be taken in mind. If you know that which age group you are serving and the gender is to be served then it becomes easy for you to manage, if you are an entrepreneur or product seller. The viewer takes interest if the things are in his favour. For a creative promotional video, you can search for the best explainer video production through

The second thing is that the viewer should be emotionally attached to the things which are shown in the video. For this generalization of the facts is necessary. It must attract masses not the particular community or state. If you add can emotionally attach to the masses, then it is a wonderful thing for the advertiser as well as the customer. The customer will appreciate the brand emotionally and will have a long-lasting effect on his mind about the product.

The third thing to remember is, to have a good platform to promote the video. If the video is created and does not reach so many consumers then it can prove a complete waste of time. This is a very important situation when a company makes products and cannot create awareness. In this case, sales are not pushed and things remain like that for them.

Animated Explainer Video Ideas For High Impact Communication

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Showing a video on your website, blog or social media account is an excellent way to deliver your message to your target audience because people prefer to click on video rather than reading a page of content. Animated explainer videos will help you send a very strong message and allows you to build your brand and business to do better. Because they offer a good return on investment, this video is increasing very much in popularity.

Hiring a reliable and well known Marketing Video Production firm will definitely be a good idea since the video has to be produced very carefully in order to be useful. You can check out the 10 best animated explainer video production service on, Even so, do go through the ideas listed below ideas to see how you can ensure that your video is successful:

Keep it short and engaging:

Your video animation should not be longer than 90 seconds, although 60 is ideal because people do not have time to watch longer ones. Make sure that the first 10 seconds are very attractive so that the viewer is compelled to watch more.

Message first, brand later: 

Do not introduce your brand or your sales pitch right at the beginning of the video. Let viewers get your message first and then naturally proceed to your sales.

Pay attention to the script:

Since the script has to be very tight, you have to cut all superfluous information. For example, you do not have to state the obvious, but should instead give the viewer the information he was looking for.