Buying Your Own Personalized Pilot T-Shirts

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Funky Pilot Store allows you to buy your pilot t-shirt quickly and easily. When you've not planned an aviator t-shirt before, there certainly are a few things you will need to stay hearted. Below are a couple of tips to help get you started.

Before you start designing your aviator shirt, you need to think about the aim of doing so. Do you plan on wearing it for just personal use? If making the best and personalized aviator t-shirt for a business or promotional situation, you will want it to look as professional as possible.

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The very best thing about designing aviator shirts is coming up with an exceptional design. You will need to come up with some cool design or logo to place on the front of the shirt. When coming up with this logo, it's best for one to draw it at the actual size it will appear on the top layer.

Scaling your design later will produce a more efficient design. Additionally, you need to make sure any images you use are all of premium quality. If they're not, they most likely won't appear clear on the leading of a t-shirt.

Fortunately for you, we provide you with a vast clipart library. It is possible to simply select an image to improve your top-notch. You can also surf the net and find clipart in your; you will just have to make sure that it is not copyrighted or you will get into trouble in the future.

Deciding on an appropriate color can be important when designing your aviator shirt. If you use several colors, clearly they will need to fit. To make it more visually appealing, the outline of this text may be a contrasting color to make it stand out. If you're making a shirt for a firm or sporting event, you'll clearly need to choose a color depending on the ones established.