Sommelier Certifications To Help You Pursue A Career In Wine

Sommeliers share their knowledge of wine with guests by offering suggestions on which wines pair well with specific food items. To increase your wine knowledge it is possible to earn the sommelier's certification. 

Learning about certifications to improve your knowledge of wine and wine-related skills can allow you to gain respect in the business. In the following article, you'll explain what a sommelier does and give you Sommelier certifications you should consider to boost your career. You can find the best basic wine course through various online websites.

basic wine course

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Here are some certificates you can earn to further the career of a Sommelier

1. Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 1

A Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 certification offers students an introduction to studying wine to those who are beginning their wine career or have an interest. In this course, students are exposed to the major varieties and styles of wines using their senses.

Students also master the basics to assist them in making the right wine-food pairings and wines, as well as store wines and accurately describe wine. After finishing this course students will receive the WEST certification and a lapel pin.  

2. Level 2 Sommelier

Level 2 Sommelier certification allows individuals to learn the art of blind tasting. In this course, they will learn to discern the different flavors of wines into their primary elements. They also study different methods of making wine, the varietal fingerprints, and the distinct differences in regions.