Prevention And Reduction Of Dark Spots On The Skin

One of the most common signs of aging is dark spots on the skin, also known as brown spots. For the most part, these unsightly spots are hard to hide without heavy makeup. However, there are some treatments that can help reduce these dark spots that age the skin as well as being ugly.

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Prevention And Reduction Of Dark Spots On The Skin

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Due to the fact that dark spots may vary in intensity by the individual, there are a variety of treatments that will be effective for some, but not for others.

Some easy ways to reduce the occurrence of dark spots:

One of the primary causes of these spots is exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light rays, so it is necessary to reduce your risk with regular use of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and other protective measures.

Home Remedies – There are many home remedies that have been used for years and have been going on for generations that are worth a try:

Aloe Vera – This is a known treatment that can reduce these spots with regular use of the application twice a day for at least a month.

Milk – Milk contains lactic acid which helps in enhancing the texture of the skin and lightens the skin hence it should be applied directly on the spots and left for a few minutes before washing.

Lemon juice – This is a centuries-old treatment that can reduce blemishes but will take a long time. It should be applied twice a day but should only be used by people with fair skin as it can cause uneven skin tone in others.

Vitamin E – It is a well-known antioxidant that will not only reduce spots but revitalize the skin. It can be found in many skincare or supplements as well as egg yolk, sunflower seeds, or other foods.

Extrapone Nutragus – This is an ingredient often found in lotions.

Face whitening creams and bleachers – These are skin creams that can be found over the counter but use caution as some may contain mercury which can be harmful.

Laser treatment – This is an expensive option that is usually effective as well as convenient and fast-acting. The improvements have made it a pain-free option that will usually relieve you of dark spots forever.