Preventing Business Identity Theft When Moving Offices

Businesses have a responsibility to protect their customer's and employees' identities. No matter what industry they are in, businesses must do everything possible to prevent identity theft. This is especially important for businesses that move offices. Additional identity protection requirements apply to medical offices. 

HIPAA has made it mandatory for medical offices and doctors to protect patients' identification and patient information at all times. Businesses need to be aware that business online identity theft can lead to serious financial losses and even the loss of the business. You can visit to outsource the professionals for doing this work.


It is essential to have a secure chain of custody procedures in place to prevent business identity theft as well as that of customers and employees. Businesses must properly document, pack, load, and seal all files before moving. An employee will be responsible for monitoring and handling documents, as well as checking that they are sealed against tampering. 

A secure chain of custody is an important tool for small and large businesses, government agencies, medical offices, large corporations, and other organizations that need to protect data from theft and identity theft.

Although electronic storage is easier than ever, it's not always safer. It is possible to scan, protect and store private records virtually, thereby avoiding identity theft. However, electronic storage is not a substitute for physical records. These items are stored in unprotected areas such as basements or closets.

These physical records can be easily picked up by personnel who have access to the entire building and can be removed during an office move. To ensure that physical data is as secure as electronic, business owners must protect them through a chain or secured transfer method.