Know About The Fabrics Used in The Dye Sublimation Printing Process

You will need at least 60% polyester fabric for sub printing. However, 100% polyester is preferred because it allows the dye to enter the gas phase and induct into the polymer pores.

You may not be aware of the process and why the polyester fabric is better for dye sublimation than cotton, wool, or nylon.

Dye sublimation printing is the best method for clothing printing. There is no ink buildup which will stop moisture wicking away from the body. If you want to shop for custom sublimation shirts online, then you can visit Allegheny Apparel.


It is important to note that dye inks are not the same as those that use CMYK inkjet inks. Instead, CMYO dye sets (cyan-magenta yellow-black ink) use a CMYO set (cyan–magenta yellow-overprint clear).

Polyester is the most cost-effective and readily available fabric for graphic printing. You can experiment with your dye sublimation printer or heat press if you have it.

Dye sub-printed polyester fabric banners, displays, or clothing has another benefit: they can be washed for years without losing any color.

The heat transfer process converts the dye to gas, so the tones blend together, giving the prints a photographic quality that is unmatched by any other printing process.