Is It Advisable To Wear A Face Mask While Running Outdoors?

Fast spikes in Covid-19 cases have made us more aware of our health. People around the world are taking precautions to avoid themselves from being infected from Covid-19. But people who want to return to fitness will definitely ask this most important question; Should I exercise with a face mask?

While keeping social and maintaining good health and cleanliness is needed; Wearing masks has been made mandatory in almost every public place. If you run outdoors, you can also use clear face masks to have better communication by the following safety procedures.

It's important to maintain at least 10 to 12 feet of separation during running because you breathe heavily when you exercise. You must wear a face mask when you run in an area where social distance is difficult to maintain. If you are going to pass people in and out of the crowd, you will want to wear a mask. Keep in mind that wearing a face mask is not a substitute for physical distance.

Run or jogging with a face mask will reduce your airflow, making it a little more difficult to breathe. It will not reduce your oxygen or maintain carbon dioxide, but it might have an impact on your performance or speed.

This means that you might have a more difficult time catching your breath if you run with a face mask. You might also feel more tired than you usually do, even if you are in a pretty good condition, you might need to modify your running intensity.

It's important that you have to monitor how you feel or if you have unusual symptoms.