Interesting Things a Printer can Do

Brisbane commercial printer

Printing out documents, pictures, texts are some of the things a printer is capable of doing. However, printer isn’t just known to print and in fact, there are plenty. If you don’t have a clue as to what the capability of a printer is apart from printing, these are some of them you should be aware of from next time.

  1. To Download Apps –Downloading an app directly is one of the capabilities a printer can do. This feature isn’t available for old printers but available in new models. With this feature, your printer is able to print things like daily crossroads, monthly calendars, etc. At the moment, the apps aren’t too many for downloading but software developers are now pushing their way to come up with items that can be downloaded easily.
  2. To Save Ink – If the ink of your printer is being utilized a lot, then your printer can save it. The best way to save the ink of your printer is to go to settings and select the “draft mode” which tells the printer to save on the ink more and utilize less when needed.
  3. To Back up Files – If you want to save an important file and document rather than printing immediately, then you printer can definitely save the file. The way it is able to save is via storage facility feature or having a dedicated SD card slot. This is a great way to save files first and then print later.

Investing in a commercial printer from Brisbane is a great way to gain some of the things mentioned above.