Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tubescreamer – Legend Overdrive Pedal

A JRC4558 (a Japanese or Texas Instrument chip RC4558P) is usually found in the first TS-808 pedals. Today, each TS-808 pedal has evolved uniquely. There is no single TS-808 color. They also fit in the range of another Tube Screamer Reference, TS-9. Its success is large because it has a circuit almost identical to its bigger brother, JRC4558.  Also, you can buy the best boutique overdrive pedals online. The processing of the exit was the difference and provided a sound pedal that was slightly cooler and brighter.

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A TS-808 period and a TS9 time.

It is not easy to find original models today. Copies can be expensive and not all copies are of good quality due to the fragile elements (including the bullet). Why would you choose such a sound? Models are created by manufacturers to satisfy the needs of common mortals. Ibanez has offered its first reissued TS-808 in 2004. This pedal produces a vintage sound by using capacitors and chips from origin.

To propose a reissue, the second mark that is important is Maxon. Maxon was born out of the temporary decision to make pedals in Japan's Nishin plant. After producing pedals for several brands, the plant decided to distribute its products. 

A revision of the TS-9 is also offered by the same brand, aptly called OD9. Maxon OD9, Maxon's pedal, proposes the same thing. It is the single-chip JRC4558, which has been perfectly selected and optimizes the original circuit. This is because the chip that causes distortion overdrive in the amplifying of the pedal was integrated into the floor, and not in a separate one.