How To Create an Appropriate Custom Business Card

Many people feel tempted to have custom business cards printed in many different shapes and materials to differentiate themselves from their competition. Although this may seem like a great idea on the surface, it is quite complicated. You can also search online to buy custom shaped metal business cards via Pure Metal Cards.

How To Create The Perfect Business Card with Pure Metal Cards - PURE METAL CARDS

Personalized business cards are problematic because they don't conform to standards so people who receive them won't know what to do. This is why wallets and Rolodexes can only hold rectangular business cards. You don't want to give someone a triangle- or diamond-shaped business card. They may not know where it should go and will discard your contact information.

If you are going to use Custom shaped Cards, make sure that the shape fits within the rectangle of a standard business card. You can either start with a rectangle, then trim the corners to make something more interesting, or you can use scalloping to make a wavy effect. These options create a unique business card that still fits within the rectangle standard.

Another interesting option is to choose custom materials for your business cards. Business cards made from metal or wood are elegant and sophisticated. They look stunning and will draw people's attention. 

As with custom shapes, however, they can pose a problem. They can be thicker than their paper counterparts. Storage can be difficult because of this.