How To Choose a Good Car Mat?

Every car – regardless of make or brand – definitely needs a doormat. Good quality bearings are your car's ally when it comes to maintaining their appearance. Car mats can keep your car clean by protecting the floor from normal, everyday wear such as spills and dirty shoe soles.

Car floor mats come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, and choosing between car floor mats can be confusing. But now you can get the best quality floor mats via

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Choose a darker color. Car mats that are darker in color are easier to maintain because they don't have as many stains and other smudges. They also don't wear off easily because you don't have to scrub or wash the dark car mat as often as the light version. 

Dark colors (especially black) are also more flexible than other colors – they can be combined with any color of the upholstery. Choose a strong material. Car floorboards should be made of a heavy-duty rubber compound (which is easier to clean) or super-heavy density nylon woven thread to resist wear.

Always choose thick pillows when buying plastic car mats – they come in handy when water and other fluids need to be absorbed and drained quickly. The thin rubber pads may not hold much water and therefore cause a lot of confusion. Thick rubber pads, made primarily for bad weather, have deeper grooves that allow them to better retain water, ice, and mud.

Reminder: nylon car mats can look great and absorb water well, but they have their drawbacks too. Make the floor of the vehicle more open. Even though it is immersed in water, it dries very slowly. If the spilled water or liquid contains more than two glasses, it will flow here and there and cause mold or corrosion on your car floor.