Housing Security Services – Keeping Families and Communities More Secure

Family safety is a common priority and concern. Conventional alarm systems, which call the police with short response times, are not the most effective method of protecting residences. 

Hiring a company with a patrol response & key holding facility for your community is a great option. When seconds can be dangerous, nothing is of greater value than the protection of a licensed security guard.

Mobile Patrol Services - LogiScan Fire and Security

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Those who were shocked by their alarm at a home in the early hours feared the worst – that intruders had broken into their homes or threatened their children. Police response time, while reliable, is a challenge to look forward to when it comes to family, property and valuables. 

As a more effective alternative, mobile or walking patrol security services employing security personnel are available throughout the country. The cost of such services is amortized within the community, and the entire community enjoys increased security benefits.

By monitoring an HOA, residential area or residential complex, these security services streamline the response to emergencies, regardless of whether the security is monitored on foot or by vehicle. 

Reliable and affordable and offers comprehensive insurance coverage to their customers. They offer customers a feeling of security from the latest threats from everyday criminals, gangs – or worse. The best bodyguards are trained in case studies and hypothetical emergencies.