Get Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatments

The ultimate objective of any medical treatment should be the restoration of all capabilities of the functional unit of life – the cell. Only healthy functional cells can enable the tissues and organs to fulfill their task ensuring development and survival of the organism.

Every patient first undergoes the blood, urine, and other functional diagnostic tests which specifically measure "pro-aging" parameters + "anti-oxidant status" + "hormone levels".

This gives the treating physician good information on the current functional status of different body organs and helps design an individualized anti-aging program. However, you can also get the best medical ozone therapy for anti-aging treatment via surfing the internet.

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The Revitalization Program involves rejuvenation of 3 main systems of the body that govern aging. They are the endocrine system, the immune system and the detoxification system.

Rejuvenation of body systems has shown a so-called reversal or a dramatic slowdown of premature aging, regaining of vigour & vitality, libido, increased interest in daily activities, higher mental concentration and focus as well healthy skin, and decreased wrinkles.

The following organ cells are used:- Thymus, brain, spleen, liver, kidney, heart, adrenal gland, pituitary gland, skin, ovary, or testis.

Since the cell therapy, preparations have very low antigenicity; they are not readily recognized as foreign by the recipient's immune system, and therefore, they usually do not cause significant clinical side effects.