Event Dcor and Special Event Lighting

Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or event lighting is an essential element of event decor. Special event lighting will often make or break an event. With the help of lighting, you can create any atmosphere. Special event lighting can be a relatively inexpensive use of event decor, allowing you to turn your tent into a Louisiana Bay or barn into a circus. 

Everything is possible with special event lighting, including projecting images onto a screen or wall. You can plan best special event at affordable prices.

Another great and inexpensive use of lighting is tree lighting. These trees can stand in your garden. Plants that are already in the venue or green open space that you rent for the event are then color-coded.

Depending on your theme and décor, you can use yellow, green, blue, or pink to bring out several colors. Special lighting for the event using LED lights around your banquet hall floor will add color throughout the event as the lights change colors from pink and blue to yellow and green.

The pin table centerpiece is another event planning idea I give my clients to add designer lighting to the event. The best way to hang a pin table is to hang the pin above the table.

The higher the light, the fewer guests will complain that the light is shining in their eyes at the table. Of course, you need to consider the height of the ceiling you're working with, so make sure you include a ceiling height check in your event planning checklist and pass this information on to your event decorator or company contact.