Commercial Food Truck Insurance and What You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love going to a food truck? It seems like we all do, because in any major city or urban area, or even relatively smaller ones, there’s a food truck, or a dozen, on every corner. Food truck owners face a unique set of challenges for how they operate their business. This includes, of course, making sure that they are protected with the right type of commercial insurance policy.

There are many different challenges for food truck owners, though. There are specific regulations that may apply in different states, counties, or cities, with licenses, permits, and more. They can’t depend on their customers coming to a set location, but instead, they get to go to where their customers are.

You can download menu if you want to order anything from a food truck.

Food truck license in Delhi may take a month time before final nod

They don’t have to pay to rent or own a building, but they do need that vehicle, a way to find a steady customer base while on the move, and so on and so forth. Another issue arises when restaurant owners in brick and mortar locations, who do pay those costs and have been established in one spot, don’t want you where they are.

In these cases, they are often lobbied against, as the food service or restaurant community can be quite powerful with local legislators.

With all of that said, one of the unique challenges does indeed remain to find a commercial auto policy for food trucks. Simply put, a typical commercial vehicle insurance plan won’t work well for food trucks.