Circumcision For All Baby Boys

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision team met to finalize the organization's new circumcision policy – which may recommend circumcision for all babies. Circumcision is a solution and it is not easy for parents to think about the actual course of action, but the pain itself cannot be remembered.

Even adults can only remember experiences related to pain at a later date when other traumas such as physical and emotional abuse were added to the child. You can find information regarding circumcision procedure via

circumcision procedure

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This is why babies don't remember the pain, and with a good mohel/rabbi they don't even feel the pain right away or are given pain relievers or wine or water mixed with sugar to numb nerves and distract the baby from the pain.

Remember, during circumcision, our brains produce quite a good hormone because the mother or close family helps to increase the levels of the pleasant hormone known as serotonin. We also have oxytocin, another good-tasting hormone also known as the "cuddle hormone."

Oxytocin is released when we feel love, trust, and comfort. It can even be stronger than serotonin.

However, circumcision has many great advantages. Can prevent urinary tract infections, paraphimosis, phimosis, and transmitted infections, including HIV. For example, in a randomized controlled trial, circumcision reduced the risk of HIV infection by 53%.