Benefits Of First Aid Training And CPR for Job Applicants And Employers

Workplace safety is a major concern and employers prefer first aid workers. There are many private and public organizations that offer first aid training and CPR training in Kent.

The number of organizations that prefer employees with first aid certificates is now increasing today. Well-trained employees are needed in businesses, schools, and public facilities such as gyms that use AEDs or automated external defibrillation devices. This increased emergency medical first aid training benefits both applicants and employers in many ways.

Following are the benefits of first aid training and CPR for job seekers and employers.

1. A first aid course ensures you reduce insurance premiums and risks. Insurers are happy with those who are prepared for the worst. A risk-reducing first aid course will help you negotiate the rate with the insurance company.

2. Employers with CPR and first aid workers are entitled to significant company insurance discounts.

3. Safety at work is paramount. Employers who employ personnel trained in first aid can be guaranteed optimal safety at their premises.

4. Today's job market is very competitive and it is in the interest of job seekers to add as much education as possible to their resume. Unemployment is at its peak and first aid training and CPR / AED training help you outperform the competition. A first aid certificate is certainly a plus for your prospective employer.