Are You Stuck In A Cycle Of Chronic Worry And Anxiety?

It is generally believed that fear pervades our thoughts, physical changes, emotions, and behavior. Fear, on the other hand, is seen as the "thinking" part of fear.

You may have noticed that you think very differently when you have chronic anxiety problems than when you are relaxed. Things you don't usually worry about, you can build up to enormous proportions and you may think that things are going wrong and you can't handle it.

when we worry,f ear usually makes us think to extremes, and  we start doudting ownselfes.The unpleasant thing about this mindset is that it only exacerbates anxiety. When people worry like that, they get caught in this vicious circle.

 The more you worry, the more you can feel anxious. The more anxious you are, the more you will worry about the things.Some people are really worried about their own mindsets.

These people tend to believe that fear is very negative. They may worry that their fears are getting out of control, thinking.There are many situations for example-

"You can't stop worrying."

"Your mind will take over and control it."

"You're going crazy from all this worry."

"If you keep worrying, you will fail."

"Fear is dangerous"

"If you keep worrying, you will have a heart attack"