All About The Yeast Metabolites In Poultry

There are many types of feed additives available for poultry nutritionists. However, very few are supported by science and rely upon making claims that can't be proven. Some products can be supported by scientific research, such as yeast metabolites.

These are the five (5) main reasons to use yeast metabolites as chicken feed

  • Promote a better microbial balance within the gastrointestinal tract

  • Support gut integrity

  • Encourage a stronger immune system

  • Increase production efficiency and performance

  • Encourage antimicrobial stewardship

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What are yeast metabolites?

Simply put, yeast metabolites refer to compounds that yeast cells produce during fermentation. The fermentation conditions can affect the production of metabolites by yeast.

Let's look at the main reasons yeast metabolites should be used in poultry.

Support an immune system that is stronger

A few yeast metabolites are known to boost the immune system. The support of the immune system in poultry can help birds be healthier, more productive, and consume more nutrients. Some bioactive metabolites found in yeast have been shown to support both the innate and adaptive immune systems. 

Improve productivity and efficiency

It is natural that birds who are healthier will be more productive. Up to 10% of the dietary nutrients can be used for an immune response when there is a challenge or stress. These nutrients can be used to help the bird grow and produce normally, rather than being used to combat a challenge.