Advantages of Post and Beam Construction Techniques

How to build your post and beam home or barn. Learn how to build something that your neighbor doesn’t have. You want something unique and personal, not just a barn that fits your needs, but a timber frame or post-and-beam barn that is eye-catching.

It is easy to build a timber frame barn. These steps assume you have your foundation in place and are ready for building. These steps will show you how simple it is to build your barn. You can search   more about post and beam construction at  .

Step 1

Assemble your bents, the frame of your barn. It is easy to do. Take a look at the plans to determine where the timbers should be placed. You will see where the timbers go within your barn's framework in the plans.

Step 2

Raise your bents. Use a heavy telescoping forklift to raise your bents. Attach 2×6 braces to your posts to anchor them to the foundation or ground. 

Step 3

Once your bents have been raised, tie them together using 2×6 girts or 3×6 purlins. You can nail them with at least 16 pennies nails or 3 to 4-inch deck screws. 

Step 4

Your roof sheathing, board and batten siding and roofing are fixed by nailing. Use 8 to 10 penny ring shank nails and 2 to 3 inches deck screws. These boards can be nailed in place with an air-powered framing nail gun. This will make a tedious task much easier.